Winner of the “Hong Kong Green Awards 2013″

Starting in 2010, the Green Council has selected the top corporations in Hong Kong every year by highlighting corporations which have been the most proactive in managing environmental issues.

Qijuk Design Innovations (Asia-Pacific) Ltd. has won the “Green Management Silver Award” under "Hong Kong Green Awards 2013" organized by Green Council, in recognition to include environmental considerations, responsibility, management, performance, continuous improvement and leadership in business operations. Also, this demonstrates Qijuk’s outstanding achievements in the areas of green policy, energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, indoor air quality control, carbon footprint reduction, green purchasing, promotion and training.

Furthermore, Qijuk Design Innovations has also been invited by the organizer to make solid wood trophy base for the "Hong Kong Green Awards". The "100% environmentally friendly, chemical-free" trophy bases are designed by Paul Epp, Design Director of Qijuk, and are manufactured by the factory located in Germany with the highest standard heat treatment process. The elegant trophies with natural and sustainable material were made to present and promote the green philosophy of the meaningful event.